Monitors real-time consumption, production and process parameters

Main features

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Main features

Data collecting

from various instruments and / or control systems (SCADA / DCS), installed in multiple locations, using common communication protocols or gateways.

Stores operational data with maximum efficiency

Aggregates and stores historical data in the SQL/ time-series database. Optimizes data storage for quick analysis by locations, operational groups or equipments.

Data review and analysis

Operators, engineers or maintenance teams have real-time access to operational data with easy-to-use visualization and analysis tools.

CloudEnergy Advantages

  • Local or cloud installation. CloudEnergy can be installed locally as an Oracle VirtualBox, Microsoft Hyper-V or on industrial hardware. Ubuntu Server operating system and SQL / time-series database, open source technologies that do not involve additional licensing costs
  • Collects data from various measuring instruments or SCADA / DCS control systems, installed in multiple locations, using modern communication protocols: OPC UA / DA, Modbus TCP, MQTT, IoT (http / json).
  • Customizable reports that aggregate information about consumption, production and process parameters by time periods, work shifts, locations and departments. Export the aggregated data in multiple file formats. Simple and secure API for interfacing with external applications: CRM, ERP and Machine learning services.

CloudEnergy WebSCADA

  • WebSCADA control module for monitoring and controlling various industrial processes. Manage and monitor various processes using a web interface compatible with the latest browsers and operating systems.
  • Quick configuration of HMI screens. Simple and easy to use administration interface for adding elements and configuring their properties. Contains libraries with predefined graphics easy to add and configure.
  • Integrated security system with administration, control and visualization rights for a better control of what your users view, maintain and control

CloudEnergy NODE

  • Collects and stores operational data from locally installed equipment.
  • Collects data locally from measuring instruments or SCADA / DCS control systems using various industrial protocols OPC UA, Modbus TCP, MQTT, IoT (http / json).
  • The data is safely stored locally, when a network connection is available the data is automatically synchronized with  CloudEnergy central server .
  • Preconfigured on industrial hardware with passive cooling. Industrial-grade fan-less technology that also protects the system from dust, debris, chemicals and moisture.
  • Installation on the wall or DIN rail in existing electrical cabinets.
  • Technical specifications: Quad Core 2.5Ghz Fanless, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC storage, 2 x Gb LAN, 12VDC power supply, Aluminum case. Optional 4G communication.

Completed projects

Monitoring production parameters and performance indicators


Water treatment center monitor and control

Water company

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Edible oil factory

6KVA transformer substation

Packaging factory – Romania